Sample Social Work and Human Services Research Paper Summary on Trauma Effects and Cancer

Trauma Effects and Cancer

The treatment of cancer results in attainment of good health but also comes with the associated post traumatic stress disorders. Such disorders are characterized by anxiety and are prevalent among cancer survivors. As such, people who have had an experience with cancer are considered to be at higher risk of developing post traumatic stress disorders. Post traumatic stress development among cancer survivors is linked to the shock of discovery following cancer diagnosis. Additionally, the fear of recurrence and the shock of treatment also increase the risk of post traumatic stress disorders (American Academy of Post Traumatic Stress Disorders, 2014). The victims of post traumatic stress disorders often face various challenges exhibited through symptoms such as nightmares and fear of hospitals (Bush, 2009). The effects of post traumatic stress disorders are common not only among the cancer survivors but also among their caregivers. The impacts are intense and also long lived hence difficult to address.

The impacts of post traumatic stress disorders are very grave. For the care givers and the survivors themselves, interference with employment, as well as family life are the key features associated with post traumatic stress which make it difficult to live one’s life satisfactorily. Treatment of post traumatic stress disorder involves many alternatives. The key methods include engagement in therapy to help the victims recognize the appropriate of problem solving rather than avoiding the problem. Additionally, patients can be guided towards gaining support for dealing with cancers to avoid the occurrence of such post traumatic stress disorders. Therapies are also carried out to reduce the symptoms associated with post traumatic stress disorders. Despite the negative impacts of cancer on the lives of the patients, there is also probability of instituting post traumatic growth of patients through increased ability to deal with crises.



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