Sample Social Work and Human Services Paper on Depression and Bipolar Case Study

Depression and Bipolar Case Study
For this discussion, choose one of the following cases from your Mental Health in Social Work text:

From Chapter 6:
Ms. Daniels.
Gregory Jackson.
From Chapter 7:
Mrs. Elizabeth Cuthbert.
After reviewing the selected cases from chapter 6 (Mrs. Daniels & Gregory Jackson) and chapter 7 (Indira & Mrs. Elizabeth Gilbert), go to Appendices A, and B pages 216-217, and use the Templates in the text, Mental Health in Social Work, to prepare your answer for the discussion question. Choose one case and complete the following:

Make a DSM-5 diagnosis and provide a rationale for the diagnosis. Include specific DSM-5 criteria.
Complete Appendix A and Appendix B and provide a summary of the appendices in your post.
Formulate the following, given your risk and protective factors assessment, your knowledge of the disorder, and evidence-based guidelines:
At least one goal.
A therapeutic intervention plan. Be sure to include at a minimum the counseling model, any medication, length of treatment, and mode of treatment (individual, family, or group, and why). The intervention plan must be evidence based and include at least one reference.

Use case study Ms. Daniels