Sample Social Work and Human Services Essay on Social welfare problems in America

            Social welfare in its nature is very dynamic concept associated with America’s advancing ideas. The changing economic and conditions that have characterized the modern world have greatly shaped the social welfare structure of the US.  The minor problems facing the social welfare problems in America include child welfare, substance abuse, housing, health and mental health. There are many social welfare problems that face Native Americans and the other population in America. The main challenges include war on terrorism and increasing military expenditure, growth in the needs of an expanding aged population, growing health policy challenges, growing in the size of other ethnic populations, and the relatively small size of native America populations and questionable commitment of the United States of America to social welfare. The other social welfare problems include growing inequality among native Americas and in the population as a whole, urban Native Americans continue to grow in number, yet the bias of policies has not been favorable to them. This essay will discuss social welfare problems in America and look at the possible solutions to the problems.

 Terrorism war and Increasing Military Expenditures

The ever increasing military expenditure is one of the social welfare programs that face USA.  Military expenditure is a rough measure of the level of government financial allocations for purposes of achieving security. The 9/11 attack from terrorist made the United states to take a new face immediately so as to protect its citizens. The attack forced America to raise the budget and expenditure on its defense and military in Afghanistan and Iraq and security in general. An economist will attest to the fact that any increase on war expenditures will significantly affect the social well being of the citizens. This brings the hot debate, Guns or butter, hence the challenge to support at the same time the social welfare expenditure and that of military expenditure turning to a considerably big problem. In the year 2005 the expenditure was approximated to be eighty-one billion dollars and it is expected to increase in following years because of the technological changes that have characterized the modern world.

Growth in the Needs of an Expanding Aged Population

The population of the aged group has been increasing at a very high speed. At the age of sixty five (65) in 1990 were thirty one million people in America compared to thirty five million people in 2000 which was an expansion. The Bureau of the census of America in 2001 stated the old age group as the fastest growing section. This included the number of disabilities measured to be three out of the five to be the population aged 65 years and above. This understandably in the health programs like social insurance and health care dollars are used by the aged population, as a result the federal expenditure cannot balance both social age brackets.

Growth in different ethnic populations

The census bureau of America projected that 2,5% of the population will be comprising of relatively the American Indian, Alaska and Hawaiian natives in 2000 hence the number ought to increase to 5.3% by the year 2050 as a projection. It is indeed a threat to well association with the Native Americans. In comparison to the Hispanic population, Native Americans have a high fertility rate though starting from a low rate of the people in America. This number of ethnic population is expected to increase up to 24.4% by the year 2050. The ethnic people will benefit more from the social welfare and budgetary resources causing competition for diminishing social welfare allocations.

American commitment to social welfare

The act or practice of American government making assumptions on the social welfare has been contradicting, making it difficult to discuss intelligently about the future of the welfare policy. There is little hope of policy from the government to cater for race, gender, social class and other aspects.

Growth of American inequality

The historical income tables of the classes in America bring forth the inequalities. Some ethnic tend to benefit from the natural and economic resources while others do not. This competitive activities in America categorizes the population as winners and losers,

The only solution to cover all the main social problems is the uphold of the regulation of the provision of benefits to people who need assistance in meeting their needs. The policy entitled social welfare policy must be put in practice both by government and organization.


            The special of Native Americans feature promptly in the social welfare, specifically in the social political environment. The competition on social welfare dollars which in turn is scarce, obtaining reduction in budgets then advancing social welfare challenges currently and in the years to come.  The serving of American natives by social welfare policy will face challenges in the years to come if the sizeable treatment subjects do not have equality. The introduction of development to individual accounts acts as a solution the gap bridging between the poor and the rich. The problems facing the American social class is possible to be solved hence be great again.