Sample Social Work and Human Services Coursework Paper on The Development Theorist

The Development Theorist

Theorists Theory and Examples  
Sigmund Freud  Oral Stage I observed a baby sucking from her mother’s breast.
   Anal Stage One of the boys went behind the bush to defecate away from the public eyes.
 Phallic Stage Boys separate themselves from girls. Both sexes seemed to be attracted to each other despite feeling shy to face each other.
   Latent Stage I experienced a situation where a girl aged six years was shy because her breasts were protruding.
 Genital Stage Adults in this age group are seen to be holding hands together and hugging each other a sign of intimacy.
Erik EriksonBasic Trust Vs. Mistrust Infant trust their mother for everything which includes feeding and caring for them.
   Autonomy Vs. Shame Some of the girls would exhibit shyness culminating from realization that they are females.
 Initiative Vs. Guilt Some of the toddler would cry in the early morning as they are escorted to school by their mother. They felt helpless as well as insecure.
 Industry Vs. Inferiority Ten boys exhibited high self esteem by asking questions to older people if they were unclear about anything.  
   Identity Vs. Identity Diffusion Boys within this age played football so well in a manner that they were confident that they would major in football playing. Some of the players were very competence in the field.  
Jean Piaget  Sensori-Motor Stage A two years boy pulls a string from her mother dress.
   Pre-Operational Stage Naming of objects as children played. Some of the objects named included car, bus, house and building.
   Concrete Operation Stage One kid arranged objects on the ground in a manner that separated one object with another based on the color code.
   Formal Operational Stage One of the girls was confidence enough to recite a poem before a group of people.
   When a boy was asked about what he would like to be when he grows up, he answered that he wants to be a doctor.