Sample Social Work and Human Services Coursework Paper Summary on Incorporating an Emergency Plan in High School

Incorporating an Emergency Plan in High School

Emergencies such as fire outbreaks and floods can occur anywhere at any time. During emergency situations, it is necessary for people to know how to conduct themselves since some of the situations require people to take care of themselves while others need people to take specific actions. It is therefore important for people to be trained on how to act during different emergencies to avoid disastrous results. Emergency plans are actions or codes of conduct which are to be followed by people during an emergency. It is critical for high school students to be incorporated in emergency plans and in training for emergency response since it is difficult to predict when they would need such skills. While training students on emergency response, a curriculum has to be developed for the same. The curriculum can then be tailored to particular circumstances through analysis of the most probable disasters in the school region.

Following the identification of the most probable disasters, the students have to be taught how to respond to specific disasters. For instance, fire response is necessary and begins with identification of a fire assembly point. The students can also be taught on actions during floods in flood prone areas. In these areas, the students have to understand the importance of a flood/ storm room in the school compound (Jackson-Cherry and Erford, 2014). The providers of emergency response lessons should make it a point to demonstrate to the students the course of actions to take in case of any emergency. Moreover, the students and the teachers have to be taught how to handle the useful equipments in different kinds of disasters. It is also essential to point out that there may be situations beyond the control of the students and/ or teachers.




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