Sample Social Work and Human Sciences Paper On Diversity and Cultural Competence

Homework Question on Social work and Human Sciences Paper On Diversity and Cultural Competence

  • Research and write in your own words using MLA format a one full page paper on technology and cultural diversity. By this I mean how the use of technology differs from culture to culture. It could be focused on a particular type of social media like Face Book, I phones, etc. or it could be focused on the use of technology in the work place.
  • It could focus on communications using technology or on the equipment.
  • Use at least two sources for your information and cite those references correctly for MLA formatting.
  • Use the Word Tools to Create Source, Insert Citations, and Insert Works Cited (Bibliography features.
  • Write in your own words with correct grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation.

Homework Answer on Social work and Human Sciences Paper On Diversity and Cultural Competence


Cultural competence (CC) refers to various congruent behaviors, attitudes and differing policies that show up in a system thereby improving the capability and effectiveness of that system towards realizing the set goals and objectives(Simmons, 2008). On the other hand diversity competence (DC) refers to the multiplicity of individuals, different cultures and ideas that play a significant role in ensuring richness as well as a variety of life.

In the previous field education experience with my clients, I was keen on exploring the interpersonal dynamics and values that operated between the entire fieldwork. I achieved this by establishing an analysis of filtering the entire process while recording the session. The purpose of my paper is come up with a transcript of what happened during my field education experience, including a dialogue of interaction with a client.

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Process Recordings

Through the micro social work activity, I interacted with my clients using such skills as reflective listening, clarification, empathy and active listening and others, for the purpose of improving the group’s effectiveness. During the session, we had a new member who joined the group and, therefore, I had to ask everyone to introduce him/herself, for the purposes of familiarizing and welcoming the new member.