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Homework Question on Leadership Theory and Process on Poverty

  • Initially, the concept of leadership focused on an individual who organized a group of people to achieve a goal. Today, however, leadership is depicted in a different way. The field focuses not only on an individual leader, but also on members, supervisors, and followers representing a spectrum of diversity. During the evolution of leadership, several theories, models, and perspectives have emerged. As a human services professional, it is important to consider how people might use different theories, models, and perspectives of leadership to achieve professional and societal goals.
  1. Select a leadership theory, model, or perspective, and think about how you might apply it to your issue. With these thoughts in mind: Post a brief description of your professional or societal issue and the leadership theory, model, or perspective you selected.
  2. Then, explain why you chose that theory, model, or perspective, and explain how it might be applied to your issue. Be specific, and use processes of that theory, model, or perspective to illustrate your point.

Homework Answer on Leadership Theory and Process on Poverty


Description of the Professional or Societal Issue

The multicultural aspects of the globalizing world are spreading so fast to make the HRM dynamics a challenge. The corporate and the societal leadership managements are finding it hard to mobilize a unified effort towards an income generating activities and courses. Besides, personal entities are embroiled in fiscal competitive endeavors solely meant for character establishment, accolades, and recognition. There are unit fragmentations in all the various domains of the economy, and all the avenues of gubernatorial commonalities meant to raise the social standards (Birkland, 2014).

Transformative Leadership Theory and Reasons for the Choice   

In essence, this study highlights the suitability of the transformative leadership paradigms that are best panaceas to the poverty problems (Shields, 2010). This conceptual framework underlines the description and collective integrity to help focus attention towards a particular task. It also proposes the cooperation, raised ethical thresholds, and personhood in economic operations for optimality (Servage, 2008).

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Application of the Transformative Theory Tenets

This theory that was proposed by James McGregor in his educational propagation efforts in the late 1970s has been subject to adjustments and elemental additions, although the focus of controversy has remained the same. The model advocates for a positive spiritual infatuation in the followers by taking care of the holistic partakers’ gainful interests (Servage, 2008). The administrative headway enhances the motivation, energy, and performance of the labor force or the communal efforts in the productive entrepreneurial premises, farmsteads, and environmental survivability.