Sample Social Sciences Paper On Right Types of Research Questions

Homework Question on Asking the Right Types of Research Questions

  • Imagine you are applying for a job where your professional and academic research interests will be critiqued. Develop a professional profile of research interests that lists the scientific and humanistic creativities that most interest you.
  1. (Writers Choice Suggest – Sustainability, Environmental Affairs, Personal Footprints) Furthermore, what types of problems most interest you?
  2. Who do these problems impact and how?
  3. Are these broad ideas that affect everyone, or are they more personally centered?

Homework Answer on Asking the Right Types of Research Questions

I have seen through the development of humanistic and scientific creativities in various researches in the field of environmental affairs. They are as follows:

Humanistic creativities

  • Holding meetings with key partners and champions of clean energy to sensitize the public about the negative effect of pollution on the environment
  • Invention of solar panels to utilize solar energy in the company, an action that reduced the cost of energy by a great deal for the business entity. This was a positive move towards the reduction of operating cost and improvement of the surroundings (European Commission, 2011).

Scientific creativities

  • Developing a scientific method that helps create sustainable energy sources of energy. This is crucial in the event of saving natural resources. Championing for this kind of initiative is important because people become extra cautious about the environmental issues brought about by the use of unsustainable energy sources (John & Rübbelke, 2010).

Homework Help

  • Having high affinity in providing professional services towards the organization. This involves computation of logical simulation to be applied in the organization.