Sample Social Sciences Essays On Termination

Homework Question on Termination

  • Summarize your activities and reactions to terminating with your clients.
  1. What tasks were involved, what emotional reactions did you experience, and how did you address aftercare planning?
  2. Think of the relationships that have ended in your own life. In what ways might these terminations have affected the closure of your cases?
  3. Were there any rituals that might have been part of the process?
  4. What were the functions of these rituals?
  5. Can you think of any rituals or activities that might have served those functions for your clients?

Homework Answer on Termination

Termination refers to the process of ending a relationship between some parties (McClam & Woodside, 2012). During termination of a friendly relationship with some of my clients back in the past, some activities as well as reactions were involved. Some of the activities include, understanding the need for terminating the relationship. I sat down and made an evaluation of whether the termination was necessary or not and concluded that it was the only option.

I approached my friends to notify them that I was ready to terminate our relationship and I selected a date for them when the process would be made. I made sure that there would be a third party, who understood the two parties well to help in the termination in case an argument arose.Despite the grudge that arose between my friends and I because I was falsely accused of having taken a text book that belonged to a classmate, we got into emotional reactions.

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When they realized that they had to lose me as a friend, they were so emotional. I was angry but I took care of such emotions by seeking advice from my parents who advised me and it made me have more strength to carry on the termination. This and other termination processes that have occurred in my life have affected the closure of my cases. This is because I always find myself prone to termination as the only solution to a critical case that may involve other parties and me.