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Homework Question on Information Technology Threats

  1. Should the U.S. Department of Homeland Security manage the Internet, in order to reduce low-level Information Technology threats?
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Homework Answer on Information Technology Threats

Technology especially the Internet has been used as a tool of organizing and conducting crime; hence, the authorities have advocated for internet regulation measures (Andreas, 2003). Cyber threats and data breaches are tremendously facing an upward trend in 2014 according to Trend Micro. Homeland security personnel deal with protecting the country from terrorism and attacks that have become a global security threat (Andreas, 2003).

Therefore, this paper delineates whether the U.S Department of Homeland Security should manage the Internet to reduce low-level information technology threats.According to Trend Micro (Help Net Security, 2014), more than 400 data breaches were recorded by July 2014 with the main targets as bank accounts and other digitalized avenues. The low-level language is used to manipulate the operations of computer software and components (Kropp, 2006).

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Terrorists use internet as a platform to invade peoples’ privacy and conduct researches about their attacks using the online platform. Communication and information conveyance is primarily the avenue that terrorists use to plan or organize an attack. The main platform for conducting such communications is the Internet; hence, the only way to caution against such security threats is to manage the Internet (Andreas, 2003). Actually, the ill-minded people are working profusely to develop new technology threats and they use internet to search for information related to their crimes