Sample Management Case Study On Burger King Fast Food Restaurant

Homework Question on Burger King Fast Food Restaurant

  1. Prepare a case study regarding a Fast Food Restaurant which analyses the operational strategies in terms of it product and service offering COVERING under the following headings:
  • Introduction
  • Corporate Vision
  • Global Strategic
  • Objectives
  • Order Qualifiers and Order Winners
  • Core Competencies
  • Value Chain
  • Product Chain using Porters Model

The case study report length will be about 12 pages

Note: You will lose your marks if you copy from your friends.

Homework Answer on Burger King Fast Food Restaurant


The firms operating in the hotel industry today are required to be more vigilant and efficient in their activities to survive in the highly competitive world.  The success of such firms is determined by the extent to which they are able to define suitable operational strategies.  These are the strategies or steps that enable such companies to convert the raw materials into marketable products. Operational strategies enhance the implementation of objectives that focus on enhancing the productivity of the company.One of the companies that has continued to experience growth in the industry even in the highly competitive world is Burger King.

It operates as a fast food restaurant, a section of the food industry that has faced many challenges of late. Due to the rising awareness of the need to consume healthy foods, the demand for fast foods is rapidly dropping.  This implies that companies that are unable to operate efficiently in the industry face the risk of going bankrupt due to reduced sales. To attract more sales and maintain its market share, Burger King has implemented various strategies aimed at increasing the demand for its products.

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Its operations combine the bricks and mortar with online strategies thus enabling it to respond to the changing needs of customers efficiently.  The company is able to interact well with its clients and this enhances its ability to serve them better than the other firms in the industry.  To gain a competitive advantage in the market, the company has defined means of attracting new clients while retaining the old ones through product development.  From its market survey, the company realized that the taste of clients shifted from fatty, salty foods to healthier meals with less salt and fat.