Sample Research Proposal Summary on Negative Impacts of Lack of Father Figure Among African American Community

Negative Impacts of Lack of Father Figure Among African American Community

The greatest challenge in the present day African American families is that of instability. Many families are ending up in divorce and/ or separation. This results in many families with children but with single parents, most of whom are women. The absence of a father figure in the lives of children is related to many negative outcomes in the lives of children (Akers, 1964). For instance, it has been reported that children who are brought up without father figures are more vulnerable to poverty, school drop-out, engagement in criminal behavior and other negative behaviors. The research aims at determining the effects of the absence of fathers on the lives of children. In addition to this, the study also aims at determining whether the presence of other people to play the fatherly role can help the children to develop better. Paternal absence is a major characteristic of many households in the African American families. This is because of early marriages, high divorce rates and high rates of pre-marital sex among other factors.

Apart from the more predictable factors that result in paternal absence, it is also reported that the same could be temporary. This is whereby fathers live far from their families due to economic factors such as jobs and education. In such cases, the effects of the absence on the children are less compared to situations where there is long term separation as a result of divorce, parental separation or death. Children from families without fathers are also more likely to live in poverty compared to other children (Beaty, 1995). They are also more likely to perceive the world as threatening and thus live in isolation. To determine the accuracy of these claims, questionnaires will be used to measure the delinquency levels between the children from single mothers and those with both parents.



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