Sample Research Paper On TinyOS and nesC Program

Homework Question on TinyOS and nesC Program

  1. Write about the TinyOS abstract introduction then start the paper explaining the tinyOS and how its work
  2. Which programing they are used like nesC and talk about nesC and explain it with some figure and detel
  • Lastly the conclution and the references .Make sure the references to be from the last 6 years

Homework Answer on TinyOS and nesC Program


Operating systems have formed an integral part in the functionality of devices, such as computers and smart phones. This has raised concern about the different types of Operating Systems available and the software or programs that they use. Thus, there is a need to move together with technological developments if life is to become simpler for human beings in the future generations.


Technological developments have seen the introduction of powerful gadgets, such as computers and smart phones. These components have simply made life a hell. The reason for this is that the cost of maintenance of the devices has shot up drastically. For instance, one has to install an operating system into devices, such as phones and computers for them to function and achieve the objectives they are purchased for. What is an operating system?

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This is a system or rather software that plays an integral role in the management of hardware in devices such as computers and phones. It forms an essential part in the mentioned devices as they control all the application programs that run on the devices (Levis and David 8, p. 21). The world has moved very fast since the inception or the introduction of operating systems. There are a number of operating systems and this is dependent on the technology, ownership and licensing among other characteristics. Some include the Windows OS and the Ubuntu OS for computers and the android and symbian systems for phones. One operating system that is not commonly discussed is the TinyOS.