Sample Research Paper On The Digital Revolution

Homework Question on The Digital Revolution

  • Media Law 29. Digital Movie Revolution
  1. How is the movie industry being revolutionized by downloadable movies?
  2. What are the pros and cons of this revolution? Tell us about the campaign against pirated movies.
  3. How might copyright laws be changed to adapt to this revolution? Legally Downloading Music and Movies — is it catching on?
  4. What is the impact on musicians, composers, and the music industry in general of all the  illegal free music downloads?
  5. What were the cases against Napster?Limewire? Others? What is the Open Music Model and some examples?
  6. What about and other such services? Streaming Music, Movies, TV Shows and YouTube Clips
  7. What hope, if any, do creators and performers have from the increase in streaming? Will their work be stolen or might they receive significant revenue? Examples.

Homework Answer on The Digital Revolution

The Digital Revolution also referred to as information era, is the progression of technology from analog to electronic and mechanical strategies to the digital technology available, this epoch began in the 1980s and is ongoing. The changes in technology have been taking places in phases and there has been experienced emergency of new devices that have marvelous software’s which has made the technology platform an interesting place to be in (Betcher, 2009).

The digital age is characterized by storage and sharing of information and data in the properties of string of zeros and ones. The data displayed on the computer screens are usually sent as strings of bits via the internet for example; pictures, texts, music and videos among others (Doyle, 2008).The significance of a revolution in digital and communications technology has risen in importance; hence this has called in more investors to invest in this field.

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This has led to emergence of positive and negative impacts over the rise of the digital revolution. The field of entertainment has greatly benefited from the digital revolution as a whole in the areas of production, marketing and distribution of their products. The link between the entertainers and their clients had been lessened, shortened and made more accessible such that clients can access the entertainer’s contents at the comfort of their sitting rooms as soon as they request for it.