Sample Research Paper on the 2015 Annual Report

2015 Annual Report

Maryland Chapter, BWINAANA 2015 Annual Report


Mr. National President and National officer, Chairman and the board of advisers, Former National Officers, National Queen, members of executive councils, Ladies and gentlemen. It is my distinct pleasure to take this opportunity to deliver to you greetings from the officers and members of Maryland Chapter. Today we are celebrating yet another milestone in our association’s history. I would like to appreciate on behalf of Maryland Chapter the effort of all the stakeholders for the long relation and generous contributions for every stakeholder towards the achievements of association goals. Before I proceed further, I would like to extend special thanks to the officers and members of the Great Lake Chapter for welcoming us warmly and hosting this year’s National Convention and the 86th Foundation’s day Celebration.

Chapter’s Leadership Teams

Ladies and gentlemen, may I take this opportunity to welcome and introduce to you the administrative officers of the Maryland Chapter of the Booker Washington Institute National Alumni Association of North America (BWINAANA). starting with John S. Fahnbutu association chairman, Joseph Herron the Vice President, Theresa F. Smith, Secretary, Johnetta B. Flomo, Financial Secretary, Marie Johnson, Treasurer, Justin Knuckles, Chaplain, and John T. Flomo, Chairman, Membership Committee

Areas to be addressed

In today’s convention meeting, I would like to highlight the areas that we will be addressing which will help us fuel the association to the heights of our dreams, which include;

Major administrative achievements and setbacks,

Vision and plans set by the Administrative officers and


Major Administrative Achievement and Setbacks

Ladies and gentlemen, Maryland Chapter’s major achievement for the year 2015 has been negotiation with some institutions, universities and churches who pledged their support for the Phelps Stokes Educational Resources Center Project on BWI. This will boost Maryland achievements of improving quality life to the vulnerable and targeted communities by the association. The major administrative setback has been acute decline in Maryland’s membership. Many members have relocated while a good number too have turned to be inactive. As a result, the members’ dues payments have fallen acutely affecting Maryland Chapter negatively failing to meet its financial obligations as and when they fall due.  

Administration’s vision and Plan for the Future

Ladies and gentlemen, as we know failure to plan for the future is indirectly planning to fail; the able administration team has set clear vision and plan for the future. The set plan and vision for the Maryland Chapter’s will be to construct Phelps Stokes Educational Resource Center Project, which will give hope to students of BWI as well as the surrounding communities.


In conclusion, Maryland Chapter would like to recommend that the Executive Council and the National Administration address all matters arising from annual reports. Over the years this has not been acted upon and hence, matters arising from the previous reports had not being addressed by both the Executive Council and the national Administration. The significance of annual reports could be questionable since arising, pressing matters that needed redress were not considered, and collective measures taken where necessary. Additionally, Maryland Chapter annual report for the year 2015 recommend amendment of the constitution to increase the leadership tenure from two years to three years term creating a chance of being reelected after maturity of their tenure. This recommendation is necessitated by the decreasing number of members of BWINAANA due to aging and low enrollment of new members. The administrative team would also like to recommend that, constitutional amendment factor in an inclusion clause that would allow Ex-National Officers chance of seeking leadership position for any office in the National position if they happen to develop interest.

Ladies and gentlemen thank you for the continued support.