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Write a page paper (not counting title, abstract, and appendix) introduction of stall warning system and describe the stall warning system.

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A stall warning system is used by aircrafts to provide first line defense to the aircrew in the event that a stall has occurred during a flight, or of the potential of a stall occurring. It is quite a complex system that is made up of several components all functioning to alert the air crew in emergency cases, to allow them take appropriate action in order to avert the condition (Tooley & Wyatt, 2009). In modern jetliners, a stall warning system is made up of an angle of attack sensor, a low speed indicator and a stall warning horn (United States Department of Army, 1991).

Stall occurs when there is a reduction of lift, hence, increasing the angle of attack whereby the lift begins to decrease. In such instances, the computerized stalling system alerts the aircrew that the aircraft has entered a stall. In most deadly occurrences, a stall may lead to loss of control of the airplane (“Sorensen, 2011).

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Angle of attack sensor:

This is part of the stall warning system. It plays the first hand role in determining a stall that is approaching an aircraft. In order to control the possibility of a stall, the sensor measures and computes given wind speed along a flight path hence generating a report on a potential stall that is approaching (“Flight Controls Stall warning protection system”, n.d).