Sample Research Paper On Regional Organizations Peacekeeping

Homework Question on Regional Organizations Peacekeeping

  • Read the instructions carefully and moreover each topic discuss should be at least 250 words.
  • Discuss the following topic using (TURABIAN STYLE REFERENCES and NO FOOTNOTES)!!!  I. Regional Organizations  Be sure to say in your first sentence which question you are answering and you should not use quotations. Answer one of the following discussion questions
  1. What should the UN’s relationship be with regional organizations with respect to peacekeeping? Should prior authorization by the UNSC be required before a regional organization launches a peacekeeping mission? Should regional peacekeeping missions function solely as an interim or holding force with the job of containing violence until a larger, more capable UN force arrives at which time it would either be folded into the UN force or be sent home? Should regional peacekeepers only work as part of a joint mission with the UN?
  2. Should the United States and other western countries invest foreign aid money in improving the peacekeeping capabilities of regional organizations? If so, which regional organizations and why?
  • References: Arthur, Peter. “ECOWAS and Regional Peacekeeping Integration in West Africa: Lessons for the Future,” Africa Today. Volume 57, No 2. Winter 2010.

Homework Answer on Regional Organizations Peacekeeping

Collaboration with regional organizations has long been an important aspect of the work of the United Nations.  In many ways the United Nations and other regional organizations all over the world have come up with unique and complementary strategies that when coordinated properly have contributed to the prevention and management of conflict. The United Nations peacekeeping department provides operations that involve other regional agencies.

For instance, the secretary general by conveying a number of high level meetings over the years, with the heads of regional organizations is able to ensure coordination and mutual understanding on operations of the body. These operations are deemed fit in managing and dealing with crises that are faced by nations that are members of these regional organizations. In times of peacekeeping and crisis management, the United Nations acts as a partner to regional or sub-regional organizations. Thus, takes the leading role by providing support both financially and morally.

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According to the United Nations policies, one of the roles of the Security Council is to enhance peace and promote its peacekeeping goals. However, regional organizations should not use any military force in any peacekeeping mission without the authorization of the United Nations unless it is against an aggressive state. Therefore, the United Nations as a partner to regional and sub-regional organizations should have the power to authorize the deployment of armed forces during peacekeeping missions.