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  • There are 2 parts in this paper and must be treated separately. Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP) |
  1. Please go to the above website and read the Belmont Report. What was the impetus for this report. What is the purpose of this report? Discuss the codes are the Nuremberg Code of 1947, the Helsinki Declaration of 1964 (revised in 1975). 1.How would you feel if one of your friends or relatives had been used in a research study that put them at risk? 2.Which populations are considered vulnerable populations and require a full IRB review? Please share your thoughts below. You should all respond at least one time and may respond to one another What is the significance of the IRB? What are the ethical principles that are applied when conducting a research study? One page for this part
  2. Select a sampling method and sample size for a proposed study in your specialty area or area of interest.( My Specialty Area is Pediatric) From the article on sample size and power: McCrum-Gardner, E. (2010). Sample size and power calculations made simple. International Journal of Therapy & Rehabilitation, 17(1), 10-14. Respond to two of the following: 1.Discuss sample size 2.How does one decide on the sample 3.What factors are considered?4.What are Type I and Type II Errors? 5.What is Effect Size?
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Homework Answer on Research Methods

Part 1

The IRB has a significant role of ensuring that all study results portrays the highest level of integrity. All medical studies are expected to provide relevant ethical justifications for the research. The ethical justifications are needed due to the element of social value to people involved in the study. In most occasions, many research studies use flawed methodologies that offer little or no information. These questions the convenience of the research studies in delivering quality research (McCrum-Gardner, 2010).

Thus, the IRB ensures that all research studies use relevant methodologies. Even though IRB does posses adequate expertise to conduct close reviews, it has established limits and protocols used to determine the flaws in a research studies. Most important, IRB helps in the evaluation of the characteristics of experimental design in the scientific studies and researchers.

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In the United States, some vulnerable populations would require full review of IRB.  The racial/ethnic minority populations are more vulnerable in terms of conducting the research studies. Thus, IRB should consider conducting full review on the institutions on terms of using the ethnic minorities such the blacks and Asians in the research study. If my own friend or relative would be used in the research study, I would not be happy.