Sample Research Paper On Qualitative Research

Homework Question on Qualitative Research

  1. Discussions Q- What theoretical orientation are you most intrigued by in qualitative research.Why?
  2. And how do you suspect you could use it? Be specific.

Homework Answer on Qualitative Research

Qualitative research encompasses the use of various approaches in analyzing the given phenomenon. There are two common theoretical approaches that are often used; these include sociology and anthropology.  During qualitative research, the most intriguing theoretical orientation is the anthropological approach. For instance, Anthropology mainly involves the study of culture; within the current organizational paradigm, a number of articles have attempted to define culture and its significance towards the success of the organization or individual’s performance (Atkinson, Coffey, &Delamont, 2003).

Nonetheless, some of the areas that make anthropology to be quite intriguing is the manner in which culture is defined. In most articles, culture is often described as “attribute” which organization has alongside other attributes such as strategy and structure. In most cases culture is oftenperceived as an independent variable which can be easily manipulated through leadership so as to achieve the set goals. Research conducted from such perspectives often seems to reflect affirmative stance through the use of the structured instruments that predefine the institutional attributes.

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Anthropology takes a different approach in regards to culture. According to anthropologists, culture can be defined as a set of values, concepts, rules and ideas of behavior which enables a social group to perpetuate and function properly within itself. It is thus considered the evolving and dynamic, socially constructed reality which dwells in the minds of the members of a given social group (Bernard, 2011).