Sample Research Paper On OSHA Policy

Homework Question on OSHA Policy

  1. Please submit your companies policy (procedure) when dealing with an OSHA inspection and compliance officer. From individuals such as but not limited to the Administrative Asst. to the Safety Director, Plant Manager, CEO etc.
  • Use OSHA sites as references

Homework Answer on OSHA Policy


It is the company’s policy to ensure that all the government regulations pertaining to health and safety of the employees are complied with. It is the policy of the company to ensure that employees cooperate with the compliance and inspection officer. The policy outlines the minimum expectations for chief executive officer, plant manager, safety director and the administrative assistant among others when dealing with any government inspection within the company’s facilities.


This policy would apply all the departments of company, including any other department that night be created in future.


The safety director shall be charged with the responsibility of issuing safety policy to each department and updating the policy to include recent changes made on the OSHA regulations (“Occupational Safety & Health Administration”). Plant managers and administrative assistants shall always uphold acquaintance with this policy the two office would represent the company in case of health and safety inspection.

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Occupational safety and health act of 1970 gives right to the officials of the department of labor to carry out inspections on any area of employment to ascertain the company’s compliance level with the standards of the OSH act. Priority and initiation of the inspections are based on the following

  • imminent danger of harm or death
  • fatal accident or catastrophe investigations of accidents and fatalities that lead to five or more workers hospitalized.