Sample Research Paper on Natural Gas Production in Pennsylvania

Natural Gas Production in Pennsylvania

Section one

The article by Joel Kirkland and ClimateWire is about natural gas production in Pennsylvania. According to the article, the production has not met its expectations because instead of changing human life positively, it causes greenhouse gas emissions, which are harmful to the environment. Researchers have conducted a number of studies with the aspiration to determine the impact of the operation in the region. A number of people have come up with opposing ideas that disregard natural gas as the perfect replacement for coal, and have added that the former has a significant impact on global warming.          

Despite the criticism and opposition that the product’s production in Pennsylvania receives, several journals have come out strongly in support of the gas production and drilling in the region. For instance, several journals oppose the fact that natural gas production causes environmental pollution. The journal opines that the production of Marcellus shale gas causes only three percent of emissions gases that cause global warming, and they consider this as insignificant to affect natural existence (Kirkland and ClimateWire 1)

According to the article, the environmental issue involved is the green house gases emission effect that the operation in Pennsylvania has. A number of organizations as well as individuals have come up strongly against the issue. Arguably, it is believed that the operation has similar effects to those of coal, hence, should be abandoned (Kirkland and ClimateWire 1).

Most researchers believe argue that natural gas production in Pennsylvania that is ongoing should be abandoned. They attribute this to the fact that its production cause emission of green house gases that impact negatively on the environment. This is in accordance to Kirkland and ClimateWire’s article published on 19 August, 2011.

Who: Every living organism is affected.

What: Emissions of green house gases.

Where: The community and the environment at large.

When: During the drilling and production of natural gas.

Why: Companies adopt poor practices and do not control gas emissions.

Section Two

According to the article, the gas drilling operation in Pennsylvania has a number of negative impacts on the community and the society. First, natural gas production in the region is seen to have a notable effect on global warming. Second, the process of drilling natural gas in the region requires much equipment and this makes the entire process harmful to the environment. The outcome of global warming caused by the emission of gases during natural gas production is that it could lead to the increase in temperatures and this may be dangerous to human existence. The machinery required during natural gas production could cause environmental degradation thus causing interferences to normal human activities in the region (Kirkland and ClimateWire 1).

Researchers and other experts insist and emphasize on the fact that people should be aware of the possible impacts of natural gas production in Pennsylvania. This will enable people come up with strategies or mitigation measures that will help avoid harmful health effects as well as loss of lives caused by global warming. People should also be aware of the situation in order to come up with mitigation measures to facilitate the conservation and reclamation of the environment destroyed by equipment used during production.

A number of future considerations are observed. First, strict regulations and policies should be put in place to force companies involved to avoid the release of green house emissions into the atmosphere. The companies should also be forced to embrace new strategies of recycling materials such as water instead of releasing them into the environment.

Apparently, the gas drilling operation in Pennsylvania should not be encouraged. An individual’s opinion regarding natural gas production in Pennsylvania would change, and this is owed to the negative impacts that the production has on the environment and society. It is recommendable for other individuals to read the article as it exposes the risks that accompany natural gas drilling operations.

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