Sample Research Paper Summary on Migration and Diversity

Migration and Diversity

The cultural development of an area is determined to a large extent by the geographical location of the area. Physical features associated with the area such as rivers, valleys and deserts all influence individuals. These features help individuals to develop their unique cultures which are distinct from those of others. The cultural variations result from psychosocial and intercultural relations among many individuals (Clifford, French, & Valentine, 2010).

In India for instance, the northern part of the country is majorly mountainous. This has made the people in this area to have a unique sense of style which favors the atmospheric conditions of the area. The people in Northern India have also shown a unique language with distinctive patterns in writing as well as in oral communication. The western part of India on the other hand is mainly covered by desert. In this area too, people have developed their unique lifestyle which separates them from all the other Indians.Sample Research Paper on Migration and Diversity- Free Research Papers

They practice distinctive rituals which set them apart from others (Ferraro, 2008). Although India is part of the Asian continent, the southerners regard themselves as being within their own continent. This is as a result of their culture which is significantly different from those practiced by other Asians. One of the major problems experienced by the inhabitants of South Asia is that of frequent consequents. Most of the south Asian communities are still struggling to come to terms with this. There have been efforts to reorganize the cultures formidably into societies where members coexist peacefully. This is because peaceful coexistence has been difficult to achieve due to the frequent conquests and lack of interaction mechanisms among leaders.




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