Sample Research Paper On Library Users’ Behavior

Homework Question on Library Users’ Behavior

  • Paper: User Search Behavior
  1. How will evolving search behavior change library catalogs for researchers and leisure readers?
  • Sources; 1 non academic source, correctly cited
  • Mechanics (spelling, grammar, etc)
  • Organization and structure (introduction, topic exploration, thesis, conclusion) material ordered in a way that was logical, clear, and easy to follow?
  • A supported argument  – includes analysis, not just reporting
  • Writing clarity, phrasing, graduate level sophistication

Homework Answer on Library Users’ Behavior

Recent years have seen a change in library users’ behavior. The advent of the internet and web search engines have particularly changed user behavior as most rely on these services in fulfillment of their information needs (Sadeh, 2007). The number of scholarly users evidences the attractiveness of web search engines, given the survey that indicates 84 percent of students prefer web search engines more convenient than physical and online libraries.

The survey additionally showed that 87 percent of the participants found web search engines easier to use, while 90 percent considered them faster (Sadeh, 2007). With such high preference for online search engines, libraries have begun changing their approach to cataloguing, using more user-centric solutions, to not only attract users to the traditional physical and online libraries, but also meet the evolving user expectations.

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While search engines are becoming more attractive to both researchers and leisure users, library catalogs remain an important aspect of search, even as it (library catalogs) continues to evolve.In the current age of instant information and a blossoming web search engines environment, it may almost seem like the death of the traditional library and library catalogs (Sadeh, 2013).