Sample Research Paper on Homelessness: Causes and Effects

Homelessness: Causes and Effects

One is said to be homeless if they lack a permanent place of residence. Homeless people may stay with friends, relatives, or families. They often live in temporary residences like hostels; or sleep in their cars or spend their lifetime in the streets. Homelessness can be caused by several reasons and its effects are likely to be harmful to the homeless person.

Homelessness can arise out of several situations. Homes can be too expensive for some sections of society to afford. The inability to afford a home or rent one can also be attributed to poverty. People may also lose their homes when they lose their source of income. Homelessness can also be caused by mental illness or addiction to drugs and substances. In the event that a relationship ends or a family breaks down, one or more of the members may be kicked out of the home. Homelessness can also result from the displacement of communities to implement of government projects (in situations where the welfare of the displaced people is not taken care of), or natural calamities such as earthquakes, tsunamis, floods or volcanic eruptions.

The effects of homelessness can be devastating to the homeless individual or persons. These effects can range from personal to health problems. A homeless person may be unable to or lose the will to take care of himself/herself and, for that reason, lose self-esteem, and even eventually develop behavioral problems. Homeless people may also engage in drug and substance abuse, making them violent and prone to committing crime. Homelessness can also be a cause of health problems. Some of the medical complications that may result from homelessness include sleep deprivation, tuberculosis, cold injuries, and skin diseases among others.

Homelessness is an important issue. The effects of homelessness can be devastating to a homeless person. They can vary from loss of self-worth to health problems. Homes should be made affordable and social welfare be improved. A home is a basic need. Every human should therefore have one.