Sample Research Paper On Globalisation of Cocacola

Homework Question on How Coca-Cola became the first popular Drink in the World, and how it affected Different Societies

  1. Write a research paper on a topic that is related to globalization. For the topic i want you to write about how coca-cola became the first popular drink all over the world.
  2. You need to write about about it started as a local product in the states then the factors that led to its speed all over the world.
  3. You have to relate some factors to different types of globalization such as technology, free trade, global economy, outsourcing, trade agreements, institutions, etc. since globalization led to the spread of coca-cola.
  4. Also, you need to talk about how it influenced people from different nations and how different societies react toward it.
  • You can add other point in order to enhance the paper.
  • Do not forget to submit page of references/ sources used within the article. use inside citation ( APA)

Homework Answer on How Coca-Cola became the first popular Drink in the World, and how it affected Different Societies


Coca Cola Company is recognized as a remarkable and iconic brand globally. It bears a name signifying evolution, modernization, and, more importantly, globalization. Coca Cola Company was established one hundred and twenty five years ago in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. It has encouraged social interactions, growth, and development, while inspiring innovation and globalization. A chronological sequence of events within the Coca Cola Company can reveal that globalization has played a key role in its growth and expansion.

This is because it has managed to create a global brand recognized by billions and captured in multiple refreshment moments. Thirsty people across global nations consume more than one billion Coca Cola Company product beverages on a daily basis. This can translate to at least nineteen thousand four hundred beverages per second (SO, 2013). Globalization, in this context, refers to increasing interdependence of national and international economies in order to move labor, products, technologies, firms, capital, and information across global levels.

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This is aimed at pursuing more profits across global markets. This research paper will therefore focus on globalization approaches, strategies, stages, components, and directions applied by the Coca Cola Company (Gong, 2013).