Sample Research Paper On Flight Planning

Homework Question on Flight Planning

  1. Please assume that you (as Captain of an Etihad Flight) and your Co-pilot are scheduled for an IFR Flight from Abu Dhabi International to Muscat International Airport. You are required to undertake a Research on a Standard departure, route planning, weather considerations, en-route and arrival procedures in the conduct of commercial multicrew operations under IFR for this flight.
  2. The report should contain all the required planning along with concerned charts.
  3. A brief presentation of the topic is also required to be submitted along with this assignment.
  4. No word limit has been set for this assignment

Homework Answer on Flight Planning


The flight from Abu Dhabi International to Muscat international covers approximately 205 nm. This implies that as the Captain, I need to work together with my co-pilot in the preparation of a flight plan that will take into consideration all factors that may influence our performance. In planning for the flight, the plane and crew performances must be clearly highlighted. This includes an analysis of the take off performances, landing performances as well as en route performances.

Planning restrictions will also be outlined. This requires a research into the various aspects related to the flight planning procedure. These include the standard departure, en-route, and arrival procedures for the commercial flight. We will be flying a Boeing 737-700.

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Standard Departure

The departure will take place from Terminal 3 at Abu Dhabi International airport since this is the terminal used by Etihad Airways. The air plane needs clearance from the ground controller prior to take off.The clearance issued by the ground controller includes aircraft identification, clearance limit, level limits and/ or level changes, route and assigned codes. Clearance for departure is issued following Standard Instrument Departure (SID), which gives a description of the pathway from the runway to the waypoint so that the airplane can be controlled as it joins the airway. The clearance limits given for controlled IFR flights normally includes the aerodrome of destination (UAEDI, 2014).