Sample Research Paper On Drug Use and Abuse

Homework Question on Drug Use and Abuse

  1. Select a social problem as the primary topic of your paper. You should describe the problem (e.g., Why is it a problem?
  2. What geographic area/populations does it impact—or at least which areas/populations are you focusing on?
  3. What are some of the challenges?) and describe how this social problem is being addressed by each sector (business, nonprofit/NGO, government).
  • Include specific examples from at least one organization in each sector where possible. You may also include a discussion of how the problem impacts the different sectors and/or what the sectors could be doing to address the problem. (e.g., How does the problem affect businesses in the area?)
  • You may also wish to include a description of how individual citizens address or could address the problem, or any innovative ideas you have for business, government, or nonprofits to address the problem.

Homework Answer on Drug Use and Abuse


The productivity of modern societies depends on the health and wellbeing of their populations. Unlike their unhealthy counterparts, healthy persons are industrious and contribute positively to the success of any society. Social problems undermine societal functioning and prevent communities as well as individuals from achieving important goals and objectives and living fulfilling lifestyles. Ideally, various stakeholders assume the sole responsibility of addressing problematic social concerns that slow down sustainable growth and development.

California struggles with the problem of drug use and abuse that has considerable negative effects on its population. Although the entire society grapples the negative impacts of this practice, the native Indians are the most affected. The business community, government, individuals, and non state agencies initiate and support wide ranging programs to address the concern. This paper provides an in depth review of the impacts of this social problem and underscores the efforts that various stakeholders are making to address it.

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Drug use and abuse presents various challenges to the individuals, families and the society as a whole. With regard to health implications, Maisto, Galizio and Connors indicate that it undermines the immunity of individuals and increases their vulnerability to diseases (Maisto, Galizio and Connors 53). Specifically, it leads to health complications such as cancer, stroke, and high blood pressure. These long term conditions are expensive to treat as well as maintain.