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Homework Question on Death Penalty

  • Write about the Pros and cons of the death penalty and analyse them

Homework Answer on Death Penalty

Death penalty is also commonly known as execution or capital punishment. It involves the punishment of an individual by death. A person who is punished by this manner is usually issued with a death sentence. Crimes that can lead to a person being issued with a death sentence are usually known as capital crimes or capital offences (Stearman, 2007, p.6). These crimes are usually extremely inhumane and they include crimes such as murder.

Other capital offenses that may lead one to be sentenced to death penalty include treason and espionage. Death penalty occurs when the government takes an individual’s life as a punishment for committing an unlawful offense (Stearman, 2007, p.6). Death penalty can be carried out through various methods such as the execution by a firing squad, execution by the person being put in a gas chamber full of poisonous gas, execution by lethal injection, execution by an electric chair electrocution, or execution by hanging commonly with a rope and execution by beheading. Homework Help

Pros of Death Penalty

Proponents of death penalty advocate for it fully and argue that it should be maintained in the society because of various reasons. Some of these reasons include:

It helps in preserving law and order in the society

People who carry out extremely heinous crimes are a danger to society and they pose a huge threat to the safety levels of the society. Death penalty ensures that they no longer exist in the society hence safety is restored and maintained. Murdering them also helps to preserve the law and order in the society.