Sample Research Paper On Critical Infrastructure Vulnerability

Homework Question on Critical Infrastructure Vulnerability

  1. Why should vulnerability of a critical infrastructure be assessed? How can it be evaluated and calculated?
  2. Choose one of the critical infrastructure sectors (not one you have discussed in the past) and walk me through how the vulnerability of this infrastructure will be calculated. Please refer to chapter 7 & 8 in my text. Norman, T.L.(2009).
  • Risk and Security Countermeasures Selection. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press. Dont use Banking and finance or information security sector. Choose another sector of critical infrastructure.

Homework Answer on Critical Infrastructure Vulnerability

Vulnerability assessment is an imperative subset of the danger assessment procedure. It could be more prescriptive than risk evaluation (Norman, 2009). Vulnerability assessment includes looking at the framework components and design and their disappointment modes focused around a given set of dangers or hazards. Vulnerability assessment answers the fundamental question; what can happen should the framework encounter dangers and risks of concern?

The importance of vulnerability assessment is to assess the dependability and adequacy of those current countermeasures in subtle element. For instance, security guards may give a certain level of protection against unapproved access to a certain property. However, to evaluate their adequacy, various questions may need to be asked. For instance, what numbers of security guards are on duty?

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Calculating Vulnerability Assessment

The vulnerability level is calculated using a five point scale, utilizing assessments of the sufficiency of assurance or availability recorded in the underneath components.

  • Location: Geographical area of potential targets or offices, and courses of entrance and departure; area of office or target with respect to open territories, transportation courses, or effortlessly ruptured ranges