Sample Research Paper On Control and Evaluation

Homework Question on Control and Evaluation

  • Complete the control and evaluation section of your strategic marketing plan.
  • As you prepare this section, include answers to the following questions:
  1. How will you schedule the reviews for your marketing efforts?
  2. What would be your implementation milestones?
  3. What would be your contingency plan?
  4. How, if at all, will you use and evaluate personal selling?
  5. How will you evaluate and manage the promotional activities you’ve outlined for your business? Be specific.
  6. How will you evaluate the other three P’s of your marketing mix?(all except promotion)
  7. At what intervals will you evaluate your marketing and promotional components? Provide rationale.
  8. Do you foresee a specific area that needs careful monitoring? Which is this and why?

Homework Answer on Control and Evaluation

The control and evaluation of the marketing efforts will include customer satisfaction measures, the achievement of the expected goals, and the possibilities of changes in the future among other things. To measure the marketing efforts, the analysts will conduct sales analysis monthly to ensure that the organization achieves the set standards. Additionally, the analysts will analyze the market share by looking at the number of consumers that the organization is able to retain within a period of three months (Ryans 71).

After the three-month period, the company is expected to break even. Therefore, the amount of profits acquired by this time will determine the success of the sales. The contingency plan will be to merge with a successful company within the industry after a period of six months to avoid bankruptcy. The sales department will record the number of personal sales, which will allow the company to evaluate the effectiveness of the marketing approach.

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To evaluate the promotion activities, the company will conduct an expense to salary analysis, which will help to determine which of the promotional techniques are necessary for the growth of the company (Lamb et al. 36). To analyze the price, product, and distribution, the company will conduct financial analysis and customer satisfaction levels. The company will communicate directly with the customers via the phone and mails to understand the levels of satisfaction among the consumers (Nijssen and Ruud 80).