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Homework Question on Artificial Intelligence

  • Please write a paragraph about the negative impact of the artificial intelligent machines, and please use the following point  Artificial intelligent machines A.Negative impact
  1. Assisting in quality of life, health and security issues
  2. Impacting employment and the nature of work
  3. Redefining education, personal advancement and learning
  4. Impacting culture and social hierarchy

Homework Answer on Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a field in computer science that focuses on the creation or development of intelligent machines having capabilities and qualities that are similar or superior to those of humans (Warier 43). This implies that the special intelligence will enable the machines exhibit human behaviors, especially in terms of working and reacting like humans, performing routine activities. The innovations in artificial intelligent machines are presently evident in the development of robots and self-driving cars, such as those being currently developed and tested by Google.

Although the roots of artificial intelligence can be found in the ancient myths, fiction, and speculation that expressed the human’s desire to forge the gods, its modern history began in 1931, when Kurt Goedel established ground upon which the computer science theory is founded. Goedel’s works was about computing numbers that were true, but which could not be proven. This made Alan Turing reformulate Goedel’s result in 1936, which made him introduce a Turing machine with the aim of helping define a system capable of identifying the statements that can be proven (Ertel 5-6).

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In 1950, Turing developed a technique for evaluating the possibilities that machines can think like humans (Whitby 35-35). This subjective test was commonly referred to as the Turing test. The building of the first successful program-operated computers in the 1940s by Konrad Zuse significantly improved the development of AI. It started with the creation of a computerized chess program because chess playing was largely regarded an intelligent activity.