Sample Research Paper On Applicability of Laws, Codes, and Standards

Homework Question on Applicability of Laws, Codes, and Standards

  • Applicability of laws, codes and standards Chapter 14 discussed the laws, codes and standards that affect security and fire life safety. These laws, codes and standards can apply to both security and fire life safety, but fire life safety operations are more strictly regulated than security operations.
  1. Should this be the case?
  2. Should security operations be more strictly regulated?
  • All answers should be at least 350 words and supported by citing the required readings using APA style (e.g., Craighead, 2009).
  • Text book is High-Rise and fire safety, 3rd edition by G. Craighead (2009). chapter 14.

Homework Answer on Applicability of Laws, Codes, and Standards

Fire Life Safety Operations

There are laws, codes, guidelines, and standards that administrate the manner in which high-rise buildings are constructed and maintained to ensure their safety and security. However, it has always been that the fire life-safety operations face stringent regulations than the security operation (Craighead, 2009, p.604). Though the two aspects of safety and security are equally important, the applications of the laws and regulations concerning fire life safety are elaborate.

This is seen for instance in the manner in which the codes of construction of high-rise buildings have been adopted by regulatory bodies with jurisdiction in this area. The requirements for providing fire life safety are a necessity and are recognized by insurers among other stakeholders. These requirements are also as part of the equipment to furnish the buildings and their installation is a necessity for certification as ready for habitation (Craighead, 2009, p.604).

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Today, modern high-rise buildings must install and maintain a defined fire safety system. They must also have a pre-fire strategy, which includes training the occupants in emergency preparedness should fire or other type of emergency happen. Failure to comply with these regulations and requirements is likely to attract serious sanctions and fines as the codes are law enforceable (Craighead, 2009, p.604). Besides, the building in question will be a health hazards exposing people to possible accidents, death or damage to property.