Sample Research Paper Summary on American Attitude Towards Gaming and Gambling

American Attitude towards Gaining and Gambling

Gambling is considered to be an old tradition across almost all cultures of the world. Historical and cultural references indicate the prevalence of gambling in the Japanese, Chinese as well as American cultures. In the US, gambling was initially considered illegal in all states. However, the scenario has since changed, leading to the legalization of gambling across all states except two. The increase in accessibility of gambling opportunities and acceptance of gambling as a life norm has led to the increase in the rate of gambling across the United States. This is seen more through the reports of the National Policy towards Gambling which indicates that in the 1970s only 13 states had lotteries and only Nevada had Casinos. This has since changed. Currently, more than 37 states have lotteries, 21 have casinos and there is a number of offside wagering (Gerstein et al 3-7).

From the reports received, it is clear that technological advancement has led to the continued acceptance of gambling across the US. Approximately 86 percent of Americans have gambled in their life (Conrad 1-5). In the past 12 years, about 68 percent of Americans report having gambled. This shows that the gambling behavior is increasing. In comparison to the 1970s, the percentage of Americans who gambled was 15 percent. The aspect of internet gambling is also on the rise in America, with more than 70 percent of the online gamblers reporting having begun gambling in the last 5 years. One out of every seven adults gambles in contemporary times. Similarly, the gambling expenditures have also risen, with people reporting spending at least 0.74 percent of their income on gambling, compared to the 0.3 percent spent in the 1970s.


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