Sample Research Paper Summary: IT for Globalization

IT for Globalization

Globalization is described as the interdependence and interaction between countries through political, economic, social and technological aspects which results in either good or bad outcomes. With increase in the level of globalization across the worlds, this concept has been embraced differently across nations, with nations which have embraced it most being considered the most globalized.

Various aspects of life are affected by globalization to diverse extents. For example, aspects such as healthcare, freedom of expression and speech, cultures and economic status of countries have been modified through interactions with other countries over time. Besides signifying increased communication, globalization also signifies expansions in various concepts such as human rights, social interactions between societies and sharing of knowledge.

From the perspective of technological advancements, the top five countries in terms of globalization include Belgium, Ireland, Austria, Netherland and Singapore. Although each of these countries is included in the top five globalized countries due to various reasons, technology can be cited as the driver of each of the countries’ performance.

Based on the social, political and economic dimensions of evaluation, each of the countries performed differently (Statista, 2012). For instance, Belgium makes it to the top five as the most commercially and culturally interactive country in the world, with the key contributing aspect being possession of the biggest cosmopolitan in the world. Similarly, Ireland is included as the second most globalized country due to being the most open to international trade, driven by technological advancements (Quinlan, 2012).

Netherlands takes the third position due to international trade advancements steered by immense use of the internet and supportive communication structures. While Austria takes fourth   position and Singapore takes fifth position. Each of these countries can directly link their success to technological advancements used in various contexts.


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