Sample Research Paper Summary: HR Performance Issues and Motivation

HR Performance Issues and Motivation

In any organization, various motivational problems persist which are to be solved by the management in order to keep all the members of the employee body motivated. The motivational problems that exist in any organization can be classified as either intrinsic or extrinsic, the intrinsic problems focusing more on the feelings associated with satisfaction while the extrinsic ones focus more on rewards and goal achievement. Understanding the nature of motivation among employees is essential for any organization desiring to motivate employees. In some cases, all the required resources may be available yet the employees still refuse to perform a task due to lack of motivation. Some of the issues concerning motivation result from lack of understanding, individual personal conflicts, and behavior. It is thus necessary to understand employee motivation beyond the surface symptoms in order to effectively address motivational issues in the individuals (W. Miles, Eric, 2002).

Study mode suggests that although human needs comprise the key motivational factors for employees, they are not the only factors that result in motivation (2012). Needs reported by Maslow such as psychological needs, self-esteem and hygiene should also be considered in the study of an organization and it trying to resolve its motivation issues. Through recognition, satisfaction, personal growth and achievement, employees get motivated towards performing their roles. In order to address the motivational problems in an organization, it is therefore pertinent that organizations recognize employee needs and then provide different incentives depending on the personal needs of employees. The organization should also adopt a more or less democratic process involving job enrichment, empowerment and enlargement for the sake of the employees.


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