Sample Research Paper Essay on Dafei101


            Know Your Stuff (YKS) is a course that has enhanced my knowledge base through wide reading, industrial presentations by various leaders and application of what is learnt in the real life situations in the world of business. It bases on the fact that it takes a long time to build a reputation but only a fraction of time to ruin the reputation. Outsourcing is appraised for the role it plays of lowering costs and increasing the quality of the function. With outsourcing, the company is able to work on their core mission.

            In an organizational setup, the employee should be handled in the best manner possible. Good handling of employees means that as the manager of an organization has invested in best customer service. When the customers have been treated well by employees they even long to get back to the organization. The service operational management is responsible for; differentiating brands, creating loyalty, driving revenue, and driving the market share of the organization. Every organization has the set standards that are used in running the affairs of the organization, which are commonly known as paradigm.

            In the provision of services it is assumed that the customer is always right. The services exhibit the following characteristics; intangible, inseparable, heterogeneous and perishable. Hence, it is wise as the service provider to know the kind of service that you are required to provide to the client for best service provision. Service quality is given by perception and expectation where; perception is greater than expectation, expectation is greater than perception and perception is equal to expectations. So that I can achieve to manage the service quality I need to constantly measure and monitor perceptions and expectations.

            The human nature calls one to seek the freedom from what they feel they are into or from activities that give them pressure or consumes most of their time. Work without play makes Jack a dull boy. Hence, there is a unending demand for rest places like resorts where individuals can free themselves maybe for several days. As an individual, I get the concept of taking a break and giving myself a treat by freeing from my daily errands and take vacation. As an entrepreneur, I see green pastures where there are investment opportunities with a handsome capital.

            With an investment idea and interest based on creating revenue and profits from the casinos, the best option to take is to own a casino rather than engaging your money in gambling. There are loads of legal gaming that one can establish in his or her casino; the only requirement for legalization is proper documents. In the hospitality industry, since the field is sensitive there is need to set high standards that will help to facilitate operations and meet consumers demand at the best quality. To make the hotel thrive, one needs to apply MICE in advertising. MICE (Meetings, Inceptive Programs, Conferences, Exhibitions and Special Events), hence there is need to invest in space.

            The locality of a hotel works magic in the success of the industry a place like Las Vegas is an ideal locality. This is also an ideal place to take a vacation; Las Vegas is located in an ideal and serene environment. Here you get familiarization tours and equipped with a visitor’s brochure which has guides and maps. There is provision of calendars with events that are upcoming hence one is kept up to date, in its own self Las Vegas is the best.