Sample Religious Studies Term Paper: Will There Ever be Peace in the Middle East?

Will There Ever be Peace in the Middle East?

Immediately after signing peace agreement between Israel and Hamas, other protests emerged across the country. Israel is a small geographical region that converges Islamic and non- Islamic believers. Because of this, the region faces constant conflicts from historical times; Efforts to bring peace to the region have borne no fruits, with the US being the only country focused on bringing peace to the region. The Jewish people have been embattled from the pre-historic times, with Abrahamic religions considering them as an insignificant nation. With this, they have been under oppression numerous times (Larson, 2013). The constant conflicts between the Western and the Arabic nations have also been blamed for the constant wars in the Middle East. The drafting of the national boundaries following the First World War and subsequently through treaties in 1971 did not put into consideration the cultures of the Jewish people.

As such, the Arabic communities within which Jewish people lived sent them away after the 1971 treaty while also confiscating their properties. The only country that allowed the Jews to settle among them was Israel since the country is considered to be their native land. This however placed Israel in conflict with the country’s neighbors which are unable to understand the country’s situation and are also intolerant to cultural differences. The neighbors of the country such as Syria, Turkey and Jordan are all under some constant pressure due to various reasons. Jordan for instance, is too strained to offer any assistance. On the other hand, Turkey has a strained relationship with Israel while Syria is constantly under war. This has made it necessary for Israel to prepare to defend itself against attack at any given time.

The oppression of Israel has lasted for a long time, leading to the belief that peace is almost impossible to achieve in the Middle East. From spending 40 years in the wilderness, the Jewish people mostly inhabit the country have been constantly embattled. For instance, the holocaust led to the termination of more than 6 million Jews. The State of Syria has an important role to play in the attainment of peace in Israel (Drysdale and Hinnebusch, 1991). The relationship between Russia and Egypt has made the situation even more difficult to address. This is more so because the U.S and Russia did not lay any emphasis on the settlement of the Middle East inhabitants since this had no value for them. The violence that is experienced in Egypt can also be cited as a trigger for the conflict between the Israeli troops and the Palestinian troops. Blames cited by both sides indicate that there is no possibility of a lasting solution to be had in the Middle East.

Palestinians in most instances perceive Israeli compromises to be an indication of weakness. This originates from the formation of the Israeli state in 1948. Israel proposed to buy land left behind by the leaving Palestinians but were denied the opportunity by the Arab states. The Arabs placed restrictions on the sale of land by issuing death threats (Newman, 2010). The religious fundamentalism in the region also played a key role in enhancing conflict in the Middle East. The U.S can play a crucial role in bringing peace to the Middle East. However, it has been blamed for failing to investigate the happenings in the underground. Moreover, strained relationships between the U.S and turkey, U.S and Syria and attacks on Iran have all contributed to the U.S failure to achieve peace in the Middle East and particularly in Israel.



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