Sample Religious Studies Paper Summary on Theological Concepts of Genesis

Theological Concepts of Genesis

The Bible as a Holy book is meant to offer guidance and direction to people (Grenz, 2000). While reading through the bible, various themes are prevalent. The book of Genesis for instance presents various themes that portray God as the supreme power in all occurrences. The theme of creation presented through the first two chapters of Genesis clearly gives God the role of creator and the supreme master of life (McGrath, 1997). Through the chapter, the role played by God in the creation as well as the extended role to humans is described. Through covenants represented in Genesis, the authority of God is also seen. The Abrahamic covenant and the covenant of work both have different roles to play in the book of Genesis. Through the book of Genesis, the theme of community is also seen as God allows people to procreate and increase. Disobedience is similarly mentioned through the serpent that makes mankind to sin against God.

The book of Genesis further highlights the theme of disruption. This is clearly depicted through the previously harmonious life in the Garden of Eden which is disrupted through the sins of mankind. The weak nature of man, which makes him sin is also well portrayed in the book of Genesis. However, the nature of God is depicted as pure and in conformity with very high standards. Despite the difficulty involved in understanding God’s will, Genesis shows the grace of God through his willingness to offer tips for survival outside of Eden. The story of Cain and Abel also presents God’s grace but juxtaposes it with the punishment that wrong doing is likely to draw. The theme of choices is also well shown through God’s act of allowing Adam and Eve to choose whether to consume the fruit. Their disobedience is contrary to Abel’s obedience as shown in the bible.



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