Sample Religious Studies Paper On The Old Testament

Homework Question on Study of the Old Testament

  • The first part requires reading Hays, J. Daniel. The Message of the Prophets chapters 10-11.  Then answer the below questions.  (I do not have a copy of this book but it is available on eBook also Google book has most of the book through free read version) and the assignment should be submitted before 11:59 P.M. on June 12.
  • Instructions: Students should read Message of the Prophets chapters 14-16.  Then answer the below questions.  The assignment should be submitted before 11:59 P.M. on June 12.
  1. Are the 4 beings in Ezekiel 1 real beings that we will see around the throne in Heaven?  Or are they part of a vision that has symbolic meaning but not a picture of reality?
  2. Why does Yahweh call Ezekiel son of Adam?
  3. What is the significance of Yahweh’s departure from the temple in Ezekiel 10? What causes him to leave, see Ezekiel 8?
  4. Compare and contrast Ezekiel’s 4 living creatures in Ezekiel 1 and 10 with the 4 living creatures in Revelation 4.
  5. In Ezekiel 20:32 Yahweh notes that the Israelites are saying that we want to be like the nations, the people of the world who serve wood and stone. In what way do Christians today want to be like the peoples of the world? What is it that the people of the world serve today that is attractive to some Christians?
  6. In what sense do children suffer for the sins of their parents today? In light of this, how should Ezekiel 18 be understood today?
  7. In the context of Ezekiel 22 what does the phrase “stand in the gap” mean?
  8. How does Ezekiel 37 give encouragement to those who feel they have no hope?
  9. Do you think the temple described by Ezekiel in 40-48 is a real literal temple or a symbolic one? Why or why not?

Homework Answer on Study of the Old Testament

Q1: The four living creatures seen in vision by prophet Ezekiel are not real beings that we are going to do in heaven. Instead, they are part of Ezekiel’s vision that has both symbolic and prophetic meanings. As noted by Hays (202), they are the same creatures seen by Apostle John in his vision in Revelation.

Q2: God calls Ezekiel ‘son of Adam’ as a humble diminishing title lest he is lifted of pride in the abundance of prophecy from the living God. This title is meant to remind Ezekiel that despite being a prophet, he is still a weak, mean, mortal creature.

Q3: God was displeased. It is an indication that God moves away from a provoking people. He returns to when the people repent.

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Q4: There are no differences between the four living creatures seen by prophet Ezekiel and those seen by Apostle John as recorded in the book of revelation. They all has similar features and symbolic.