Sample Religious Studies Paper On Samson Occom’s Life

Homework Question on Samson Occom’s Life as an Indian Minister

  • Reading assignment :
  • These are pieces in which you pick a reading previously covered in the course and write a 2-3 page essay on it (one-inch margins, double-spaced, 12-point font). In a reading response, I am interested in your engagement with the material.
  1. What did you find interesting about this source?
  2. What does this source tell you about the religious tradition it is connected to, or about the writer of it?
  3. Do you see connections or similarities or contrasts to other sources we have read or things you have read in other classes on this topic? What questions did reading this source lead you to ask?
  4. To what degree would you consider the source reliable (i.e., are there problems with this source)? Please address at least three of these issues. It is fine to provide a brief summary of the source, but the paper should not primarily be summarizing.
  • Chosen reading for the paper :

        Homework Answer on Samson Occom’s Life as an Indian Minister

The article by Occum narrates different instance of his life, especially the transition from atheism to Christianity. The progress of his life from being an unlearned Indian boy to a school instructor and a missionary to the Indians is based on his religious transformation. In other words, the article describes the Christian religion and the roles that were played by different people in spreading the religion to different parts of the world in the early days.

The source brings out an idea of discrimination within the Christian religion which unexpected thus making the material interesting. The relationship between the narrator and the Christian leaders vary as he grows in different stages of life. As a needy uneducated Indian, Occum receives much help from the missionaries, but as a missionary, he is treated differently. The shift of concern helps the reader understand the traditional practices of the Christina religion, especially the religious services to different groups of people.

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Christian, just like any other tradition, gives preferential treatment to particular people based on their originality and influence to the masses. Additionally, the Christian religion is more concerned about the masses than individual needs.Most of the religions around the world have several initiatives that help to draw people to their practices. In this article, the author shows similar concerns by the Christian religious missionaries to influence the Indians through material and educational support.