Sample Religious Studies Paper On Christian History

Homework Question on Christian History

I attached a question please answer them through this book Textbooks and Materials:

  1. Christian History: An Introduction Alister E. McGrath
  2. Holy Bible- preferably NRSV, CEB, or ESV (others will work)
  • Reformation ideas-
  • What did the reformers say and what was the Catholic response on:
  • Return to the Bible
  • Justification by Faith
  • Priesthood of All Believers
  • How were women affected by the Reformation?
  • What are your impressions of Freedom of Religion?
  • What were some arguments made by the enlightenment figures?
  •  Compare and contrast France and the US in their revolutions.

   Homework Answer on Christian History

Return to the Bible

The reformists view the Bible as the authoritative word of god and not the way the church carries out its activities and what the church leaders says but rather the teachings from the biblical perspective, the Catholics on their part believe that the bible alone is not enough to guarantee an individual to the kingdom of God but also observance of the teachings and directions as provided by the leaders of the church

Justification by Faith

The reformists suggested that the basic issues that were a concern to the issue of Pelagian history that is irregularly replayed in the history of the church.  Individuals such as martin Luther King had a belief that the church had lost the sight on the aspect of grace. He states that God endorses transformation accepting individuals who have transformed to develop a relationship with Him. The church is of the belief that the justification of belief is based on faith alone and also the event where believers are seen to righteous.

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Priesthood of All Believers

According to Protestants, all believes are the representatives of God while on earth and are anointed by Christ to serve Him in all aspects of life. While the Catholics are of the view that though everyone is a believer, those chosen to be priests are few and sacred.Women were affected by the reformation through the belief that prayers were not directed to other individuals such as Mary but to God directly since each individual is equal before the eyes of the Lord. Though the freedom to belong to a certain religion is important for societies in the world it is recommended that nations analyses the kinds of religions their citizens engage in because some of the religious practices are inhuman and obscene and evil bound.