Sample Religious Studies Essays On Vision, Revelation, and Appearance

Homework Question on Vision, Revelation, and Appearance

The Life and Letters of Paul the Apostle


★ Explain Vision, Revelation and an Appearance…

★ What is a Vision?

★ What is a Revelation?

★ What is an Appearance?

★ How are they similar to one another?

★ How do they differ from each other?

★ What is Paul the Apostle’s views, thoughts, and personal experiences with a/an…

★ Vision?

★ Revelation?

★ Appearance (Epiphany)?


Paper needs to outline the essay questions, and explain/answer the essay questions in

critical detail with strong supportative sources.


☆ 9-Pages

☆ Chicago/Turabian Style Citation Format

☆ The paper must be typed in black ink in 12pt Times New Romans Font.  Must be double-spaced text (NO EXTRA SPACING i.e. between paragraphs, sentences, etc..!!)

☆ Margins should be set to one inch on all sides.

Homework Answer on Vision, Revelation, and Appearance

Many Christians believe that the Holy Bible was written by servants of God through inspiration by God Himself. This common belief is based on the notion that “God inspires humankind and communicates to people through visions, dreams, revelation, and direct encounters.”[1] Many of the people who wrote the Bible were prophets, kings, disciples, and apostles of the olden times. Paul is known to be one of the apostles who wrote a significant portion of the New Testament.

He was transformed from a Pharisee who persecuted Christians to an apostle to the Gentiles after Jesus appeared to him on his way to Damascus. Paul’s encounter with God is described in the Bible in Acts 9. “Paul is described to have seen a light from heaven that flashed around him and he heard a voice.”[2] In Christianity terms, Paul’s experience can be classified as a vision, a revelation, or an appearance of God.

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A vision is defined as a supernatural experience where an individual becomes capable of seeing images of supernatural phenomena while asleep in a dream, or in complete consciousness as a trance. “A vision tends to speak about things that are meant to take place in future.”[3] It is a divine insight from God revealing God’s plan for His people, a nation, or the world.” A revelation refers to the divine disclosure to humankind of the things that God wants to reveal with the intent of warning, informing or sensitizing humankind in matters of faith in God.