Sample Religious Studies Essays On The Documentary “From Jesus to Christ”

Homework Question on The Documentary “From Jesus to Christ”

  1. Watch this video and say what does this video teach you about said religion

Homework Answer on The Documentary “From Jesus to Christ”

The documentary “From Jesus to Christ” offers a heroic story of how Christianity began and spread during the Roman Empire. The Christian story as explained by the archeologists seems unconvincing merely because there are no references, except what the first Christians gathered more than two thousand years ago. The acceptance of Christianity in the Roman Empire depicted how strong Christianity had become after the split from Judaism. In any case, archeological conclusions have offered new interpretations of the Jesus and how the first Christians came to be through history and ancient writings.

From the documentary, Jesus is portrayed as an ordinary Jew based on the notion that he was born during the Roman Empire. He was born from the Jewish parents and was brought up in the Jewish culture. He was completely entrenched to Judaism and he needed the understanding of the Hebrew culture to succeed in his ministry. He worshipped in synagogues, but insisted that he did not aspire to eliminate the law. He assured the Jews that his objective was to fulfill God’s desire. During his time, there was no state religion.

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Jesus preached his message through parables and miracles mostly in villages because people in cities were not interested in his teachings. His deeds depicted that Christianity was not a new religion, but a new interpretation of the existing one. Jesus demonstrated himself as an ordinary Jew, even though his miracles amazed the Jews. Although he did not establish his own school, he managed to attract attention of mixed classes, particularly from marginalized groups, who were amazed by his strange ways of telling stories (Jenks 50).