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Homework Question on Religious Paradigms

  1. So, for this the forum I want you to think about the relationship of science fiction to religion. What role does it play as metaphysician, prophet, or icon?
  2. How do you count for its huge popularity? You are free to use any examples of the genre.You might want to think about such movies as 2001: A Space Odyssey, Star Wars, Mission to Mars, Contact, The Matrix, X-Men or, such crossovers into television shows as The Twilight Zone, The X Files, Lost, Terminator and/or Star Trek, among others.
  3. How does you selection reflect the genre? In what ways is it undergirded by or reflect religious paradigms? The Wikipedia Article on Science Fiction Film may be of some help to you.

Homework Answer on Religious Paradigms

Science fiction relates to religion in few ways. Science fiction often has a different point of views as seen in matters of evolution and history of man which most times go against the religious beliefs. This has often occurred because religion bases its belief on the scriptures and never believes any outer viewpoints. For quite a long time been the source of offense and interest to various religious individuals. Certain Christian groups and individuals are fearing science fiction as fighting the prophetic words of the current and future religious foundations (Edmiston 337).

One of the examples of the science fiction genre is the movie ‘Mission to Mars’. The movie reflects the genre in various ways and gives various reflections on religious paradigms. The movie brings out hard science and religious feat. There are successive scenes in the movie that pull the hearts and mind of viewers into deep emotions. It draws into the mid intense love depictions, terror, and excitement. It would make one feel involved if it had less emotional aspects.
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In the movie, theU.S sent its very first manned Mars mission with high hopes of making new science discoveries about the existence of life there.However, the hopes turned into disappointment when the crew to Mars met a horrible disaster; three mission members were killed, and the fourth, Don Cheadle, lost all the earth radio contacts. The religious aspects would only accept the creationist school of thought of the universe.