Sample Religious Studies Essays On Platonist and Christian Beliefs

Homework Question on Platonist and Christian Beliefs

  • The topic : Platonist beliefs about the Word and creation; Christian beliefs as expressed in the prologue of the Gospel of John. Reading: prologue of the Gospel of John; second half of Confessions, chapter 7 Important :Please be sure that you not use other resources .
  • Resources: Augustine. The Confessions. Trans. Maria Boulding. Hyde Park, NY: New City Press, 2001. Mass Market Paperback edition. (This work can also be purchased as a e-book.)

Homework Answer on Platonist and Christian Beliefs

The Book of John is distinguished from other Gospels in several ways. Not only does it provide interesting insights into the ministry and life of Jesus with the stated function of generating in Jesus as Christ, Son of God but also relates the reason behind various activities of Jesus and His disciples. This paper analyzes Christian’s beliefs in prologue of John’s Gospel chapter 7.

This chapter provides us personal stories of Jesus at the tabernacle feast as well as narrating the confrontations he encountered in the hands of Pharisees. In the first verse of this chapter, Christians believe that human nature is characterized by their despairing doubt and atheism. This is because they learn that even Jesus’ brethren failed to believe in Him. He was Holy and harmless, yet some of his closest flesh relatives did not perceive Him as the Messiah and His own people sought to kill Him.

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Also, most people did not approve of the direction of the ministry take by Jesus. Most people were expecting someone to pander their needs and wish. From this, Christians believe that as followers of Christ, the world will hate and reject them since their Personal Savior and the Lamb of God Himself in whom they believe in succumbed to rejection in his ministry.Christians further believe that honest obedience to the will of God is a clear way of obtaining spiritual gift.