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Homework Question on Hinduism Beliefs

  • Identify and discuss about 1 major belief  or practice that was changed in Hinduism

Homework Answer on Hinduism Beliefs

Hinduism is one of the world’s oldest religions that incorporate some basic institutional traits such as formalized rituals, sacred texts, myths, priests, among others. Hinduism has continued to encounter change as it adapts to numerous situations over the centuries so as to remain significant to people’s lives.  Hinduism has developed over time due to lack of a single founder to dictate beliefs. In particular, Hinduism way of worship (Bhakti) has experienced numerous changes, as believers envisioned their own way of worship.

Hindu Worship

Hinduism is not a complete religion, but more of a lifestyle. Hindu worship incorporates an image of a god or goddess, prayers, as well as reciting of mantras. Worship is normally done at home or in the temple and the image of a god is extremely essential during the worship.  According to Goldburg, Blundell and Jordan, Bhakti promotes the householders’ lifestyle as the right course toward liberation (247). Worshipping in Hinduism is an individual act that involves offering personal sacrifice to the deity.

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However, the concept of worship in Hinduism has undergone changes since the Vedic period.  The Vedic period is the time that the first scriptures of Hinduism were written. During this era, Hindus believed that the wisdom of Upanishads could liberate individuals from miseries through jnana (knowledge). Knowledge was not accessible to anyone; only the upper caste could access it while the ordinary people were left out of it.