Sample Religious Studies Essays On “God is not One”

Homework Question on “God is not One”

  • Stephen Prothero has argued throughout his book that “God is not One.” Having read it,
  1. What are three arguments in favor of his central thesis and three against it?
  2. In what ways do you agree with his thesis (if any) and in what ways disagree (if any)? Why?
  • Each answer should be between 500 – 600 words (approx. 2 – 2.5 pages)
  • Typed,
  • Double-spaced.
  • Please indicate the number of words in parentheses at the end of your essay
  • Essays longer than 625 words will earn zero points.

Homework Answer on “God is not One”

Stephen Prothero gives an overview of major religions in the world and why these religions are crucial to our understanding of humanity and human condition. Prothero profiles major religion groups that are found in the world and that he believes people need to know for a complete comprehension of the modern world. He argues that diverse religions exist but they believe in a supernatural being and this is the basis of any religion.

The religious traditions of the world share many ethical precepts but they differ in many. They diverge in aspects like law, mythology and experience and do not stay static but they keep changing with time. The world’s two religion rivals are related in some aspects and different in other aspects for instance they do not perform the same rituals and do not share the same goals. They believe in supernatural beings that are diverse thus raising the issue of several gods.

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I support some of the arguments that are put forward by Stephen Prothero in his book of God is not one. Different religions in the world have beliefs that differ and this means that they belief in many gods thus proving that God is not one.   Many religions have dissimilar views in   God for instance the Jews believe in one God, Buddhists believe in no God and Hindus believe in many gods thus affirming Prothero argument that God is not one.