Sample Religious Studies Essays On Dimensions Of Religion

Homework Question on Dimensions Of Religion

  • Go to the following websites and find an article that deals with an issue that is of interest to you.
  • World Newspapers on the web Google News  Media Studies
  • Now find a news story related to one issue Search for that issue and compare the news articles from 5 different news sources. In other words try to find articles that come from newspapers from different parts of the world. Try to choose a source from five different geographic regions.
  • Do not choose strictly North American sources!
  • Answer the following questions using the BIAS in the News Media worksheet as it pertains to the newspapers you selected
  1. Explain the six dimensions of religion in your own words. Don’t forget to include examples!

Homework Answer on Dimensions Of Religion

  1. Doctrinal dimension

The aspect of doctrinal in religions explains what the followers believe. It dictates the behavior of believers of a given religion. For example, Christians believes in eternal life and fire after death and hence they ought to live a holy life. Doctrines present consistent descriptions of reality for the believers.

  1. Mythological dimension

The dimensions explain different sacred stories that are passed from one generation to another. They explain and reveals to the future believers the way tradition believed in ultimate nature of humans, universe and gods. For example the stories of life of spiritual leaders like Jesus, Mohammed and Buddha who ignited the sparks of religious experiences among the people who followed them.

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  1. Ethical dimensions

They are set rules that control behaviors of the believers in regards to what is wrong or right. They enable the religion to judge evil and good behavior depending on the adherence levels of the set precepts. They link the beliefs of a religion and the right action, for example it is unethical to tell lies, or kill a person.