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  1. The (radical) Enlightenment (Spinoza, Reimarus, Hume, and Kant) had a very negative view of revealed religion in general, and Christianity in particular. For example, Reimarus looked at Christianity as a fraud, a fabrication of the power-hungry early disciples of Jesus.  Kant had a complete disregard for revealed religion (which he found full of superstitions and gross immoralities) and sought translate Christianity into a moral system, which we can get on our own through Reason (not revelation).   Hume proposed a naturalistic explanation of religion and attacked all attempts to rationally prove the existence of God.  Although Schleiermacher and Hegel were influenced by the Enlightenment in their critique of revelation and dogma, and were both influenced by Kant and Spinoza, they had a different analysis and interpretation of religion.  1. State the (radical) Enlightenment understanding of religion and compare it and contrast it with that of Schleiermacher and Hegel.
  2. In what ways the way Schleiermacher,  and Hegel see religion a more positive and sympathetic interpretation of religion and Christianity?
  3. Or are the views of religion offered by Schleiermacher and Hegel in the end more harmful to Christianity in particular, and religion in general (e.g. by making too many concessions to scientific naturalism and the Enlightenment)?  (For this essay Handout #1 is essential, and my lectures on the Enlightenment, Schleiermacher, Hegel; the Strauss selection posted on Blackboard will give you a pretty good idea of Hegel’s position.)

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Question One

Religion is a system that incorporates life events and everyday practices of culture and ways of life. It’s an order of existence where individuals who identify with a particular faith submit to its demands and teachings. The various religious groups have a range of differences, from what is considered sacred, the existence of a supernatural being whose role would be to take care of the rest of life. The deity also provides norms and power.

There are several practices that can be associated with the various religious groups in the world. They include human culture that comprise matrimonial services, meditation, dance, art, prayer, music, public service, Sacrifices and rituals, sermons and commemoration of the supernatural being. As a matter of fact, religion has history and narratives that describe sacred events that happened in the past. This type of information is kept in sacred scriptures that are highly valued and respected by the people.

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In addition, holy places as regarded by different faiths as a symbol of sacredness and togetherness among the members of the religion.The main teachings of religion tend to revolve around the explanations of origin of the universe, life and other things that contribute to life sustainability. The various religious groups that almost 80% of the world’s population identify with include Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and other forms of traditional religion.