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Homework Question on Christian Church

  1. The Christian Church is to be both judging and forgiving.
  2. Explain how this works in the life of the Church and the world from the letters to the Corinthians.
  3. (1Corinthians 5:1-13; 2Corinthians 2:1-11; see also 1Peter 4:14-19. ( any Bible)

Homework Answer on Christian Church

The two elementary dogmas that the Christian church abides by are judging and forgiving. Judging and forgiving express how Christians should relate with each other in their daily lives. The two doctrines are quite complex as they differentiate patterns of actions between Christians and non-Christians. The Bible has offered comprehensive directives concerning the two principles. Nonetheless, much due to their complexity, they continue creating some degree of confusion among believers.

Before delving in the comparison of the two concepts, it is necessary to take a look at each of them separately. To start with, forgiveness acts as a central pillar of Christianity. In essence, it comes out of love. The concept urges people to forget wrongdoings of others and as such be opened to cooperation and friendship. Consequently, people who embrace forgiveness are able to experience greater positive emotions. On top of that, Christians should embrace forgiveness and avoid situations that could make them judge others, as judging is not welcomed by the Church.

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Forgiveness is a recurring assertion in Christianity. This can be attested in the Lord’s Prayer, where Christians ask forgiveness of their sins, just as they forgive those who wrong them (Matt. 6:12). Christians can forgive those who have insulted them, but they cannot forgive sins. Only God can offer reprieve to human sins as an expression of mercy. When Christians forgive others, they evade encountering excessive sorrow (2 Cor. 2:7). When a person causes grief to others, it is not commendable for a Christian to remain grieved when forgiveness is capable of relieving such grief.